Time and Again

Inspired by H.G Wells,The Time Machine

Forget the geometry you learned in 10th grade. A point has one dimension, a line two, and a cube three because it contains within it length, width and thickness. Thus we say, the cube exists three dimensionally. But what if the cube had all three dimensions but lacked duration, it would no longer exist now would it? Therefore, there must exist a fourth dimension; a dimension that we call time and wherein all of us travel at an equal velocity (both speed and direction) forward. One day we shall be able to illustrate this fourth dimension in three, just as we have been able to illustrate three-dimensional cubes on two-dimensional paper; we must only master the perspective of it.

The question is not whether this dimension exists or whether we can represent it, but rather whether or not we will be able to change the speed and direction that we travel within it. At one point, we humans were only able to travel laterally, forward, back and down, but we have manipulated our world in order to be able to also travel up, and even “out”, in to the cosmos. One day we will be able to master this fourth dimension as well.

The next question becomes whether this pursuit is noble, or destructive. Will it promote order or entropy? I only need look into my life to answer these questions. There was a person in my life that I shall refer to as “Morning”. She said and did some things to me I know she wishes she could take back, and I the same to her. More so even than the regrets, I would give most anything to travel back in time and re-live some of those moments we shared.

But if those things we said could be taken back, and those events relived, how could we have made up and learned? How could we live and appreciate each moment for what it was worth without worrying about visiting it again tomorrow?

Yes, time as a dimension exists, and yes, one day one of you readers will discover how to travel through it. Don’t. Though you might not know it, there are those who have, and have regretted it, and others who went back in time to prevent the discovery from ever happening again- again and again. That you are reading this means that you are lucky enough to be living in a continuum that has yet to be interrupted by time travel and we should keep it that way. Because we are humans and can only learn from our mistakes.  To travel back and relive the wonderful times with “Morning” and remember what I no longer have, and then travel back not so far and take back all the hurtful things that I said and win her back, would be to live a lie. If it is meant to be, it will be, and to tamper with it would be using science to make fiction.

– Kinetix.

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